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Generational Chains

I wasn’t born poor.  I come from a blessed middle class family, and my parents made good money.

And they spent it.

And borrowed more.

And spent more.

And never really got control of their money.  They’re both now retired, both drawing retirement / pension, and seem to be pretty comfortable.  But they still have a house loan, a loan for some property, car loan, credit cards, etc.

What they’re lacking is FREEDOM.

They can’t go to the beach for a couple weeks without some serious planning.  They can’t drive out to the mountains on short notice for a spontaneous weekend.

Everything revolves around the “first of the month”…when their checks come in.

In my jaded opinion the “first of the month” is a disease.  Too many people are held captive by their bills, and they don’t have enough savings to give them the freedom they crave so desperately.

My parents didn’t teach me to truly handle money well because they didn’t know how.

I’ve always heard that if you want to learn something completely, then you should teach it.

Teaching forces you to a deeper understanding of a subject than if you were simply learning it for yourself.

I have an 11 month old son named Reid.  My intention is to break the generational chain of mishandling money and teach my son to take command of his financial life, so that he doesn’t make the same mistakes I did.

So that he can be free.

Free to live, love, work where, when, and in what field he wants, and free to take chances.

I want better for him than what I’ve had, because I love him.

Photo Attribution: Me…taken in my front yard.  The 90 year old couple who lived here previously put this chain in a massive maple with a split trunk to solidify the tree and prevent it from splitting to the ground.  It’s been there so long the tree has grown around the chain. Wicked cool!
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