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That’s MY Money!!!

I was passing collection plates down the pews at my Church last Sunday when I got to the seat of a young woman with three young kids, two older girls and a boy no older than three.

The two girls did as expected, placing a dollar each lovingly into the plate.  The little boy clung onto his dollar with both hands as the plate passed in front of him and then hovered, waiting.

At the whispered urging of his big sister and with a pained expression, he held the dollar in both hands and put it in the collection.

But he didn’t let go.  Then he snatched it back exclaiming loudly “That’s MY Money!!!”

I’m sure Mom nearly fainted from embarrassment, but there were warm hearted chuckles for three rows either direction.

Selfish is easy, Giving is hard

I struggle with selfishness.  I think most people do.  Kids prove that most of us are born with a selfish streak, and it’s something that we have to work on in order to grow into a giver.

A friend of mine was at a restaurant with his girlfriend.  After waiting too long in line to get in, the experience was tilted toward the negative and the mood was a bit sour.

Until the waitress brought the bill with $0.00 on the bottom line.

She explained “A gentleman across the room paid your bill and wanted me to tell you Merry Christmas and to please pay it forward.”

I want to be that guy.

Yesterday I witnessed a giver in action.  A man was in line at the store I work at to buy propane to heat his house on the coming cold night.  Prices had just gone up and he was $1.80 short.

He went out to his car to find change.  The cashier told me the situation and I said we weren’t letting anyone go cold over such a small amount.

But then a man stepped in and said he’d pay the entire bill, and to tell the gentleman Merry Christmas when he came back in.

I want to be that guy.  I hope you do too.

Remember others this holiday season, and give a little extra where you can.  Call your local electric company and ask to catch up a late bill, or buy a meal for someone in need.

Find ways to do good with “your” money.


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